Law, Culture & Reprisals


More recent Studies on whistleblowing:


Law, Culture and Reprisals:  A Qualitative Case Study of Whistleblowing and Health Canada’s Drug Approval Process.

Pamela Forward

For a list of key supporting evidence and sources, click here



Does responsibility and accountability really exist in Canada?

 Jo-Ann Fennessey


Whistle Stop: the Suppression of Whistleblowers in the Canadian Government

Brendan Tweedie


The Sound of Silence - Whistleblowing and the Fear of Reprisal

Craig Dowden

Commissioned by the Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner

December 22, 2016


For studies on whistleblowing protection legislation in Canada, see Weak Legislation

For papers on whistleblowing in other countries see below:

Selected papers from the
International Whistleblowing Research Network
conference in Oslo, June 2017

edited by David Lewis & Wim Vandekerckhove


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