Media Mentions


 Media Mentions

*CBC Interview of Whistleblowing Canada Advisory Board Member - Tom Devine

* Article by Whistleblowing Canada Board Member in the Rossland Telegraph  (This article taken directly from The Conversation appeared in a number of newspapers across Canada.)

*CTV Interview of Whistleblowing Canada President May 25, 2020

*Article in Info news, Kelowna, BC, based on an interview of Whistleblowing Canada Board Member

“Where are COVID cases? New lobby group fighting for the information”



* Article in the Conversation by Whistleblowing Canada Board Member

* Whistleblowing Canada - Policy Brief No, 1

* Law, Culture and Reprisals:  A Qualitative Case Study of Whistleblowing and Health Canada’s Drug Approval Process.  By Pamela Forward

For a list of key supporting evidence and sources, click here

*Canadian COVID 19 Accountability Group – Whistleblowing Canada a contributing member.


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