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  • Publisher:  Whistleblowing Canada

March 17, 2021

Prince Edward Island Public Interest Disclosure and Whistleblower Protection Act - Comparison with International Best Practices

Prince Edward Island's Public Interest Disclosure and Whistleblower Protection Act was assented to on December 20, 2017, and is not in force as of Sept. 2021.  This is good news as a recent analysis indicates this legislation is badly lacking when it comes to doing what the title suggests - encouraging public interest disclosures of wrongdoing by protecting whistleblowers.  Perhaps it can be fixed before it is implemented.

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  • Publisher:  The Star - Op ED

Sept. 18, 2020

Authors:  Pamela Forward and Edgar Schmidt

Governments Failing to Address Weak Whistleblower Legislation

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  • Publisher:  Financial Times Global Legal Hackathon

May 22, 2020

Authors:  Canadian COVID 19 Accountability Group – Whistleblowing Canada a contributing member. 

Protecting Whistleblowers and Increasing Transparency in Canada in the age of COVID - 19 

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  • Publisher:  Whistleblowing Canada

Aug. 20, 2020

Summary:  Corporate Vision, Purpose, Mission and Direction

  • Publisher:  The Conversation

October 30, 2019

Author - Paloma Raggo,  Board Member, Whistleblowing Canada

If the Trump whistleblowers lived in Canada, they’d face serious risks

Whistleblowers put their careers, and sometimes their safety, on the line to protect democratic ideals and the public interest.

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  • Publisher:  Carleton University

June, 2017

Author - Pamela Forward, Board member, Whistleblowing Canada

Law, Culture and Reprisals:  A Qualitative Case Study of Whistleblowing and Health Canada’s Drug Approval Process.

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