May 16, 2021

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The Consequences to Canadians of Ignoring Truth-Tellers and Project Sidewinder Some Thirty Years Ago.

The stories of individual Canadians who expose wrong-doing in the organizations that we should be able to rely on - to protect us, to uphold the rule of law, to maintain our democratic institutions and our democratic way of life - demonstrate clearly the pain and devastation that is inflicted on them for daring to do their jobs with integrity.  As ordinary Canadians, we do not support these aberrant behaviours of some authorities in organizations we should be able to trust.  

What is often not so clear though, are the consequences to the larger society as a result of the sometimes brutal and barbaric way our organizations treat our fellow Canadians for exposing problems.  And they usually do not go public unless they have tried to get the problems rectified internally first.  This page is dedicated to the truth-tellers who told their truths years ago, and the negative consequences to all of us for ignoring them which are finally coming to light.  

This is one of those stories.  The story began in the early 1990's when Brian MacAdam, a diplomat at Foreign Affairs noticed irregular behaviours at the Canadian High Commission in Hong Kong where he was posted.  This involved bribery, forgery of visas, and profiteering which benefited members of Chinese Triads seeking to enter Canada and others.  When Brian raised his concerns with superiors at Foreign Affairs he was ostracized, ignored, his career ended and his health  harmed.  Others also tried to raise the alarm but were also ignored by superiors in the bureaucracy, and at the political level up to and including relevant Ministers and the Prime Minister at the time.

Another key figure was Cpl. Robert Reed, an experienced RCMP member who realized the seriousness of the evidence and conducted an investigation as did CSIS.  Eventually the findings of the investigation went into a report called "Project Sidewinder".  It was apparently ignored by RCMP superiors, Reed was fired when he went public, was dismissed and denigrated by the Federal courts, and in May 2007, our Supreme Court refused to hear the case.  The media were active and tried to help, however, not much happened to change the trajectory leading us to were we are today. 

The following documents the evolution of events:

The first is an article in the Globe and Mail, published April 29, 2000.

The second is a W5 documentary by Tom Clark of W5, April 11, 2011

"How crime bosses emigrate to Canada from Hong Kong"

The last gives us the current status from a book by journalist Sam Cooper to be released shortly, an except from which was in the Sunday Guardian, May 16, 2021,

"Wilful Blindness: How a Network of Narcos, Tycoons and CCP agents infiltrated the West"

This all could have and should have been avoided, if our government organizations 30 years ago had listened to their committed, dedicated, honest Public Servants and responded appropriately as they tried to protect us by doing their jobs.


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