Vision, Mission, Values


Through Whistleblowing Canada’s collaborative efforts, whistleblowing culture, both in Canadian society at large and in its organizations, is one where honest disclosures are supported, respected, valued and rewarded and misconduct and wrongdoing is appropriately addressed and sanctioned.


Whistleblowing Canada’s purpose is to advance education on whistleblowing by conducting research on the whistleblowing phenomenon and culture in Canada, thus capturing existing knowledge, discovering new knowledge and sharing this information through seminars, conferences and training for the interested general public as well as employees, whistleblowers and leaders in Canadian public and private organizations.

Through research and education we will: 

  • identify solutions to common problems and best practices in relation to the identified issues and share the information publicly
  • inform and engage Canadians in the public policy discussion on whistleblowing and the development of a safe whistleblowing culture in Canada where truth-tellers are valued rather than punished
  • inform and influence the development of public policy which encourages the development of cultures where truth-tellers are recognized in tangible ways for their contribution to maintaining open, accountable, ethical public and private organizations and democracy

We are supported by public donations, supplemented by volunteers, an annual benefit, and foundation grants for special initiatives such as case studies, seminars, panel discussions and conferences.

Values Statement

The founders of Whistleblowing Canada join with others around the world who respect whistleblowing as a basic human right and an element of a free and democratic society.  At the core of these beliefs is an effort to help shape the values and norms that will prevail in our country’s social, cultural, economic and political life.

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