Whistleblowing Canada provides key services to whistleblowers and organizations.  Information and coaching services provide much-needed support to assist individuals reporting wrongdoing. Our speakers bureau is a rich resource for organizations wishing to educate their employees on addressing ethical concerns and our newest service - soon to be launched - will play an important role in ensuring whistleblowers have access to lawyers. Together, these services create a strong support system for individuals and help to foster healthy, ethical workplace cultures.

Information and Coaching Services for Whistleblowers

Are you contemplating making a disclosure or have you already made one?  Not sure what to do, how to prepare, what are possible options for moving ahead?  We can help you clarify your thoughts by providing information and a “sounding board”.  You are not alone.

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Information and Professional Development/Training Services for Organizations

Discover a powerful lineup of experts and thought leaders ready to shed light on critical issues surrounding whistleblowing - workplace culture, psychological safety, legislation, reporting mechanisms and the impacts of retaliation. Our speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront, offering valuable insights into the world of ethics, transparency and accountability. Visit our Speakers Bureau page here

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Information and Legal Services

Coming soon!

Whistleblowers from across Canada tell us they have trouble finding lawyers who will represent them.  This causes a significant barrier to access to justice for honest employees and provides significant leeway for wrongdoing to flourish in organizations – public and private.  Legal professionals have recognized this – The Law Foundation of Ontario.  The Foundation has made a grant to Whistleblowing Canada to help close this gap in Ontario.   See Press Release here.