Current Whistleblowers

The following are stories of recent Canadian Whistleblowers who have taken major risks in the public interest.  This list will be updated as more stories become known.

W5 Investigates controversial immigration program to bring Chinese Investors to P.E.I

Denise Kimmel. W5 Producer

Published February 8, 2019

Whistleblowers Cora Plourd and Susan Holmes worked for the provincial government of the island province just over a decade ago, tied to a program embroiled in so much controversy they're still feeling repercussions.


Quebec Opinion: Agronomist's fate shows need for stronger whistleblower law

David Bernans.  Special to Montreal gazette

Updated: February 21, 2019

Louis Robert deserves to be praised for upholding the public interest, not fired. Cases like this demonstrate the need for a better law.


BC  Lawyer sues Island Health over departure, says she was unfairly terminated

- Whistleblower says she was ostracized after raising concerns about ‘widespread failures’

Cindy E. Harnett.  Times Colonist

February 24, 2019

A lawyer is suing Vancouver Island Health Authority, claiming she was ostracized, labelled as mentally ill and unfairly terminated as director of risk management and senior legal counsel [and whistleblower lead] for the organization after she raised concerns about “widespread failures.”


BC - Whistleblower warned B.C. casino in 2000 of alleged ‘co-operation with organized crime’

By Sam Cooper.  National Online Journalist, Investigative.   Global News

Updated: May 2, 2019 7:04 am

A casino whistleblower has come forward with documents, including her handwritten casino journal notes from the 1990s, that appear to record the exact moment when Macau-style money laundering exploded in B.C.’s economy.


Ontario market watchdog pays $7.5 million to three whistleblowers in Canada's first reward for tips

Barbara Shecter. The Financial Post

February 27, 2019

Paying for tips called a ‘game-change’ for the Ontario Securities Commission’s enforcement effort.

The Ontario Securities Commission has paid $7.5 million to whistleblowers in the inaugural use of a first-of-its-kind program in Canada that pays for tips leading to findings of wrongdoing under securities law.


Freedom of Expression or Personal Attack?  Nurse Appeals Fine for Facebook Post

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