Canadian Ranger's reports alleging theft of taxpayers money ignored by relevant Canadian authorities and mental health weaponized. Calls for independent investigation.

Name:  Kirk Riese

Employed by:  4th Canadian Rangers Patrol Group (4CRPG), Canadian Armed Forces Reservists, La Ronge, Saskatchewan. Start date Oct. 2010, End date Oct.  2019 – Medical discharge.

Patrol Commander 4CPRG:  Jim Searson, also Red Cross Manager, La Ronge, Saskatchewan.

Section Leader- Sgt. Major, CAF, 4CRPG: Michael Gilliard

Overall Patrol Commander for 4 Canadian Ranger Patrols:   Lt. Col. Meades

The 4CRPG elects leaders every two years to prevent fraud.

Main Issue:

I worked for the 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (4CRPG) since Oct. 2010.   I have faced immense reprisals since first reporting wrongdoing which amounts to fraud and theft of taxpayers’ money.

The following is a chronology of events relating to my - Kirk Riese’s – reporting of concerns about wrongdoing involving the 4CRPG - CAF Reservists, La Ronge Indian Band leadership and politicians.  The responses to my reports are included.

Chronology of events

  • We started off with $100 per day Equipment Usage Rates (EUR) in 2010. I found out later they were using fraudulent sheets, and it was supposed to be $200 per day.  Military police confirmed this with me…. in 2019.
  • When I signed pay sheet and EUR sheets for the fires in Op Lentus, I was taken off exercise because I confronted my warrant officer xxxxxxxx about Inappropriate sexual conduct towards a civilian.  I asked for my pay sheets back as I was taken off exercise.  He refused.
  • In 2015 I realized we were being requested by xxxxxxxx to sign blank sheets for our Equipment Usage Rates (EUR) before an exercise had started. These should normally be filled in and submitted to patrol commander and warrant officer/ Sgt Major after the fact. EUR sheets were used to submit claims for payment for the use of Reservists’ personal equipment i.e., trucks, snow machines, boats etc. when on exercise or projects. Many people who weren’t going on exercises were signing not only blank EUR sheets but signing Actual pay sheets as well.  So they were paid wages for never going on exercises or projects and what happens to the money from their EUR?   One week 30 people signed blank sheets and only 8 went on exercise.  That’s a lot of cash unaccounted for.  I questioned this at this time and no satisfactory answer was given.
  • 2015 Tax problems. I wasn’t able to do my taxes as I was never able to get a T-4 in my whole 9 years of service. Neither did my father!  All my bank accounts have been seized from 2015 -2019 over $350,000 for not doing taxes. When I finally got my military T-4’s in 2020, I did my taxes.  The government owes me over $350,000 back with interest compounded daily since 2015.   However, CRA seems to have lost my records.
  • 2018 When I tried to complain to xxxxx and xxxxx about the risk of fraud they told me it was not my concern. It appears an attempt was made to bribe me as I was overpaid $4000 for an exercise.  I received texts saying “that money is between you and me” and “the cash payment is not public knowledge”.
  • Jan 23 2019 – I left Saskatchewan, to go to Edmonton base, as the IDO informed me if I was released prior to making a complaint I could not submit one. Upon arriving xxxxx looked at my evidence and said my case was a level 3 violation and would go straight to the top. However, after he called xxxxx I was informed there was nothing they would do to help… I believe xxxxx was sworn in as a Ranger around that time. I knew my daughter and my sons lives were at risk. I had previously distanced myself from my daughter and family not wanting to bring them into collateral damage…. I had to find a new life until I could repeat my findings as ordered by xxxxx Dec 20, 2018 after I showed him some documentation
  • I eventually moved to BC.  I haven’t been home to La Ronge since I left in 2019 because of the threats. I had received threats of death and reprisals since 2018 from many members of the rangers.  I was finally able to rescue my daughter from a bad home situation after 3 years virtually of no contact.
  • When I made the complaints, the same officers I was complaining about are the same officers that investigated the complaints… or rather did not investigate it seems!
  • Jan 2019 Elections. In the Ranger constitution we have elections every 2 years for the whole patrol commander and section leaders.  After I made my complaint the only election was to have me removed from my position as section leader.  It was later acknowledged by xxxxx to be a false election.  In fact, it was completely illegal…but nothing changed.  The election was in uniform and on exercise, therefore punishable under “code of service discipline” military court because they disregarded the Constitution. 
  • Jan 17, 2019. I reported wrongdoing to the CAF Internal Disclosure Office, as required but they refused to ask me any questions and closed the investigation - the same as the military police. The RCMP and Joe Friday - said not their problem. When asked who I could contact they replied they did not know!
  • I have received many threats from Rangers, RCMP, CAF, drug dealers to stop trying to expose the corruption. I have texts, emails, to confirm everything I say.
  • Sept. 09, 2019. When I tried to report wrongdoing in BC, I was arrested under the mental Health act, taken from my 6-year-old son and sent to Vancouver unconscious, against my human rights, for refusing to take the Medication to put me to sleep…. medication for alleged paranoid Schizophrenia - which has never been diagnosed - and drug and alcohol withdrawal.  I refused medications at first but then decided to risk the medication after a day or so as they said I would never get out if I didn’t take the drugs. They refused to give me my prescription drugs (Ritalin for ADHD) till the last few days of hospitalization.
  • Sept 21, 2019.  I was released illegally from the mental hospital in Vancouver without a tribunal hearing, no medication, no mental health plan - into the hands of the same people I accused of covering up fraud and human rights violations.
  • Sept 21, 2019. After they unsuccessfully tried to get me to sign an 5F unsuitable for further service form, the same people I accused made false statements to the RCMP and I was illegally released from the military. The release was the same day the RCMP recommended I lose my Pal (firearms acquisition license) and restricted licenses to be able to possess military and personal firearms.  The restricted licenses were for handguns.
  • The military says they caused my depression but won’t listen to the pension lawyer’s advice to re-evaluate me for more serious PTSD or other health problems related to my service.
  • Since the doctors say I have an illness I was able to cash out my civilian pension at 50 years. I was given a medical release.
  • I have almost lost all my savings, property and everything I worked my whole life for because I did the right thing and tried to report theft of taxpayers’ money…
  • My grievance involves many RCMP that won’t investigate a band chief (Liberal nominee) and her husband (Red Cross rep) and several accomplices. I can, however, prove everything with voice recordings, emails, texts, pay sheets, videos and continuous harassment from government officials including several politicians.


Secondary grievance

  1. Dec. 17, 2018.  When I complained of harassment no one would respond
  2. Dec. 20, 2018. I was undergoing severe stress due to the bullying and harassment I was receiving from Ranger members.  When I asked Patrol Commanders xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx for a mental health telephone number, no one would respond till much later (against all protocols).  They refused help for the mental health problems caused by the bullying and harassment…
  3. Starting in 2018-I tried to go through the proper channel’s - Patrol leadership, Independent Disclosure Office, RCMP and Military ombudsman, Civilian Review and Complaints Committee, Auditor General, Lt governor of Sask, xxxxx.  However, there is rarely a response, and everyone passes the Information off in a never-ending cycle -
  4. Sept 09, 2019. Instead of trying to help, all the military did was try find out where I was located and when they did find me on Sept. 9th,  I was arrested in Bella Bella, and placed in a Mental Hospital!  As civilians we volunteer as Rangers. We don’t fall under DND rules as we are civilians unless on exercise and in uniform. This all happened to me as a civilian reporting wrongdoing in the public sector…
  5. Nothing I say is disputable. I can prove everything up to and including Trudeau, Minister of National Defence, Harjit Sajan, Jennifer Strachen RCMP, NDP MP Georgina Jolebois 2019 and several others.

Date:  June 12, 2023

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